Baby Bugatti - 24" version 2

Plane Baby Bugatti - 24" version 2 v2

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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
This is V2 of my Baby Bugatti, slightly larger with a 24" span, and a little easier to handle (and see in the sky).

We all have our stagnant points... either those times when we're working on something and nothing seems to go right, or we want to try something new but inspiration and motivation are lacking...

I had one such moment a few days ago when trying to design a 1-sheet DTFB plane, I just couldn't draw anything that seemed worth it. Following along with willsonman's Bugatti build, he talked about similar motivational struggles, and that got me thinking... it was actually his honesty about the struggle that sparked my imagination. I decided to try and design a 1-sheet DTFB Bugatti, both as a personal challenge for myself, and a (hopefully) welcome distraction for my friend. So, the "Baby Bugatti" was born. ;)

Build thread is here:

LENGTH : 17 in
CG : 0.75 in from wing LE
WING SPAN : 24 in


AILERON 8 - 12° 60%
ELEVATOR 8 - 12° 60%

Motor: MT1806-2280 (Power Pack A)
Prop: 5x5
Battery: 2S, 500-1000mAh (also flies well on 3S and 4S - NOT BEGINNER FRIENDLY)