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  1. D

    Frsky or Spektrum?

    Hey guys and girls! Ive been looking to buy a new drone and im thinking of buying a. Emax Babyhawk R or the orginal. I know that it comes standard with a frsky receiver. my question is should I buy spektrum receiver and get a spektrum transmitter or should i got with frsky? what are the...
  2. S

    All kinds of Babyhawk issues

    After lots of troubleshooting in Betaflight and re-flashing of firmware I finally got my Babyhawk flying but have run into new issue(s). It flies for about 30-40 seconds on a fully charged 2S 300mAh battery then drops out of the air. The battery still has plenty of juice. I can re-arm and fly...
  3. B

    Emax Babyhawk problem

    I received my Emax Babyhawk 3 days ago and it flew great untill today, it suddenly lost about half of its power. When I "puch" the throttle it barely ascends. I used a 25c 370mAh 2s battery. Here's some DVR, stick cam footage of the problem. If you have a suggestion on what the problem may...
  4. N

    Intermittent video signal Unflyable

    i recently got a babyhawk off of the flite test store and got it all hooked up and flying and its SUPER fun los but i want to take that next step but the video signal that i am getting in my goggles is fine for about 3 seconds then it will go to about 5 seconds of pure static, times very on that...
  5. N

    Trouble With the Baby Hawk

    I have recently bought a babyhawk from the flite test store wanting to get into the drone scene but i have encountered some very frustrating problems and do not know where to go from where i am the problem is as follows in betaflight there is no response in the reciever tab and i am unable to do...
  6. B

    Emax Femto F3.. I Fried It

    Looking for a bit of help locating the regulator it still all powers up via the usb and works fine in betaflight, Just looking for some help locating the regulator i have attached a link to pictures but they have come out terrible quality. any help is appreciated. I have come to this forum as i...
  7. hbb3367

    BabyHawk and Spektrum Sat

    I purchased the BabyHawk and Spektrum from the FT store...but am clueless on how to connect the Satellite receiver. Anyone know how to do it? I am the worst ever with a soldering iron... Jack