Emax Femto F3.. I Fried It


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Looking for a bit of help locating the regulator it still all powers up via the usb and works fine in betaflight, Just looking for some help locating the regulator i have attached a link to pictures but they have come out terrible quality. any help is appreciated. I have come to this forum as i have never had a reply to any of my questions on rcg.


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I know you said you fried it. I am not good at locating these regulators, but have you taken a voltage meter to stuff to see whats outputting to verify you fried it? There are some rough looking spots but I am not sure you fried anything just looking at it. My soldering doesn't look much better so I can't pass much judgement on that pic without checking it out with a voltage meter :) Good luck!


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I was hoping there would be an answer here. I have the same issue. Plug in a battery and the ESCs power up, but no power to receiver or anything else it seems (no LEDs). When I plug in via USB, LEDs come on and it reads everything in Beta flight, except my "actual" receiver values are off on the modes page and my transmitter isn't connected to the receiver because it has no power. I must've shorted it somewhere, as I got one flight, went to fly the next day and when I did, the JST battery connecter sparked, immediately got super hot and started melting. I got it unplugged before the battery got too hot but it was still uncomfortable to hold. This gremlin is being just that.


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I would assume the three legged component marked KL3 and the one above it are the regulators and the one that looks the same on the opposite side would be a third to drive the led / transponder. The big square grey component on the other side is the current sensor / limiter next to the main battery leads.


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Misery loves company. I got one too. I'm not sure why I still have it but I do. Maybe a good practice item for when you want to solder on a chip as small as your thumbnail.