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All kinds of Babyhawk issues

After lots of troubleshooting in Betaflight and re-flashing of firmware I finally got my Babyhawk flying but have run into new issue(s).

It flies for about 30-40 seconds on a fully charged 2S 300mAh battery then drops out of the air. The battery still has plenty of juice. I can re-arm and fly for a bit longer but eventually drops out of the air. One flight, I was able to achieve over a minute but then realized after the battery dropped below 3v -oops.

Upon closer observation, it looks like the green LED on the XM+ receiver momentarily turns red, Babyhawk crash lands and then the LED turns sometimes turns green again. I've tested this on a table with props off and notice that I can replicate this issue, applying various joystick input then receiver momentarily cuts out. Looks like a signal issue but not sure what the cause is. The solder joints look ok.

Any thoughts besides buying a new receiver?

Thanks all,
I had problem. In my case the rx pins had a bad connection causing the signal to be dropped. I soldered the tx to the fc and that solved the problem in my case.


Wake up! Time to fly!
I would agree with Mike that it is either bad connection between the receiver and the FC OR it could be the battery connectors that wont pass electricity properly and you are getting brown outs from lack of power.
Thanks everyone. I re-soldered the joints and no more "brown outs". Flight times are still low, about a minute based on TH% on my Taranis Q X7. I've got some new batteries on order so hopefully I get some better flight times.