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  1. J

    Quadcopter Motors Not Spinning

    I just finished building my first 250mm quad and I armed the motors, but they won't spin. I've tried calibrating the escs, but that didn't work. When I calibrate them through Baseflight, they beep at the top of the slider, beep at the bottom, then continue beeping consistently. I tried using...
  2. D

    New Naze32 Rev 6 failed connection Help

    This is my first Naze32 so it is all new to me. This is a brand new, unsoldered board and I am using a Mac book pro. So far I have downloaded the “Silicon Labs VCP Driver install disk”, applied the “uninstaller.sh” to the terminal command window and installed the VCP driver. Restarted Mac I...
  3. N

    Cleanflight vs. Baseflight

    Morning all, Since I'm getting my first naze32 board soon I started researching the firmware options for the board and have made a couple of obseravations. 1. Timecop isn't a friendly person and likes to protect his castle. 2. Baseflight is built for 8 bit processors, the naze32 is 32 bit...
  4. jamieFL

    Naze32 V-Tail Quad Setup

    Hi everyone. Thank you Josh, Josh, and Dave. I am building my second multirotor. The first was a Fortis Airframes Titan tricopter (that I found from an ad on your site) with an APM 2.6 flight controller. It flies very well and is used for aerial photography. I want to build something for...