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New Naze32 Rev 6 failed connection Help

This is my first Naze32 so it is all new to me. This is a brand new, unsoldered board and I am using a Mac book pro.

So far I have downloaded the “Silicon Labs VCP Driver install disk”, applied the “uninstaller.sh” to the terminal command window and installed the VCP driver.
Restarted Mac
I downloaded Baseflight

First try:
In Baseflight I go to the firmware flasher, Click on “full chip erase”. With “Stable 2015.08.26 - 20:40" checked in the available online firmware window, I click the “Load firmware [online]” button. The firmware info appears in the Github Firmware Info window.
I plug in the Naze32 via a micro usb to usb cable. The lights on the board are as follows;
Blue LED steady on
Red LED Flash
Green and Red LED flash
Green LED Steady then flash
Blue LED only.
I then click the “Flash Firmware" button in Baseflight.
Baseflight says “contacting boot loader” then “No response from the boot loader, programming: FAILED”

Second Try:
Close and reopen Baseflight.
Go to Firmware Flasher.
Click the “No reboot sequence” and "Flash on connect” and “Full Chip Erase” boxes
With “Stable 2015.08.26 - 20:40” in the available online firmware window, I click the “Load firmware [online]” button.
The firmware info appears in the Github Firmware Info window.
I then bridge the “Boot” pads on the Naze32 board with a pair of tweezers and plug in the usb.
I then only get the blue LED and nothing happens.
I then click the “Flash Firmware” button and get the same FAILED massage.

It seems as though the laptop is not even seeing the Naze.
I tested the usb in the Laptop and it communicates just fine with everything else I plug in.
I have used 3 different usb cables to rule out a faulty cable.
The Naze32 seems to be working due to the green light flashing when the board is tilted indicating the gyro is registering moment.
Could it be a bad USB connection on the board?
All the online information and forums I have found indicate that the previous steps should work.
What am I missing?
I also have this information emailed to GetFPV support, where I bought the board.

Thank you for any suggestions.


Senior Member
when this happens the most common response is to try another USB cable. also you may want to make sure you have naze rev 6 A it will have a diode. may also save you some trouble shooting trouble down the road if yours does not have the diode.

It seems it was a matter of getting the laptop to recognize the USB driver. once I was able to do that, the sil. labs driver was available as an option in Baseflight. Flash, connect, hoot and holler!


Senior Member
congrats. in the future do not forget trying a different USB cable.. i have a ton of them but it seems some are only good for charging others data, and some both.. so i just spent 15.00 on a decent one i knew would do charging and data with a cloth sheath.. I will remember usb driver for future issues for my self as well. welcome to the forum btw.