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Quadcopter Motors Not Spinning

I just finished building my first 250mm quad and I armed the motors, but they won't spin. I've tried calibrating the escs, but that didn't work. When I calibrate them through Baseflight, they beep at the top of the slider, beep at the bottom, then continue beeping consistently. I tried using each of the motors connected straight to the throttle of my receiver, and each of them spun up. I'm using BaseFlight on an AfroFlight Rev5 board, Castle 35A escs, Hobbysky 2204 2300kv brushless motors and a spektrum radio system.
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Welcome to Flite test mate.

This is a common problem with Spectrum gear. You are not below minimum check values so the FC is not allowing you to arm. You have to go into the travel adjustments and set then to 147% to allow for the radio to send the full 1000 to 2000 signals to the FC. Dont forget to set proper channel centers and end points as well as fail safe before trying to maiden.

Good luck and get us some video as that is what powers these forums.
Thanks for welcoming me.

The dx5e that I have only has two rate modes, which I set to high, and I raised the mincheck variable to 1140, with my lowest throttle input at about 1130. Also when I hit my arm switch, the green box for 'arm' in mode selection turns green. I've included some screenshots of this. Arm is on.PNG


Wake up! Time to fly!
Wow I just looked at the PDF for that radio. No offence mate but I don't think that radio is capable to run a slot car let alone fly a quad. There exactly NOTHING you can set on that radio to be able to do proper set up for a quad. This radio seems to be designed strictly for bind and fly air planes. This does not mean you wont be able to get a quad in the air with it but it will mean control will be extremely limited and more then likely drift all over the place since you can not set proper channel centers and end points in the radio itself. Not really the safest conditions to fly under.

If you can return it a far better option for another 15 dollars would be a Taranis Qx7 or similar product if you prefer Spectrum gear if you are going to want to fly anything but toy level products. If you cant we can try and help you but its gonna be a tough battle to get thru.
Ok, thanks for the recommendation. I got it used, so I'm not sure if returning it is much of an option, but I'll definitely try to get my hands on a Taranis. However, I'm not sure how much help this would be to the problem since the motors are definitely armed, as shown in the photos, they are just not spinning up. Even in the motors tab of the configurator, I can't get them to go manually either.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Other then obvious things like is the battery plugged in? Is it level? I cant really say as the software you are using predates my time in the hobby. It might help to flash something more current like betaflight or even an older version of clean flight on it if you know how to do things like that. That way more people can tag in and try n get ya going.

Is there by chance a setting or box some where in all that that says something like do not spin motors when armed maybe? I know that is an option with all the other legs of software based from baseflight.