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batteries lipo

  1. N

    RC Plane Propulsion Calculations

    So it's the first time I'm trying to build an RC plane and I'm really struggling. It would be really amazing if somebody can nicely advise me (I understand I'm stupid). So, the parameters I have are: Max wingspan of 5ft (estimated wing area = 4.2 ft^2 with a chord length of about 10 inches)...
  2. H

    Dead Cell (0v)

    Hey, So I bought a new 4s Lipo by Tattu, and I've got batteries from them before. But as you can guess from the title it arrived with a dead cell. The drone still flew but at a low power obviously. I didn't realise until I went to charge it that one cell was at 0v. Does anyone know how to...
  3. TestMaster

    B3 pro lipo charger not working

    Hey guys, so I recently ordered I Imax B3 lipo charger from the flite test store and from the second I plugged it in, it started showing issues. Does anyone know what the problem is? Do you know if I can get a refund? If not, what charger do you recommend? (I am trying to get it for under 30...