So I bought a new 4s Lipo by Tattu, and I've got batteries from them before. But as you can guess from the title it arrived with a dead cell. The drone still flew but at a low power obviously. I didn't realise until I went to charge it that one cell was at 0v. Does anyone know how to revive a dead cell, if possible?

Thank you in advance for your reply :)
Harry C


Don't risk it. Return the battery. The one way I know of is to charge it on nihm until the voltage is back to where it should be but it's pretty dangerous. Last time I did it my battery caught on fire so I quit doing that a while ago.


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No safe way to revive it that I've heard of, but there are stories of people using the Ni-CAD or NiMH setting at very low power to trickle charge in and revive a LiPo pack that was accidentally left plugged in and ran down. Don't know how that could be targeted at a single cell however - the wiring that connects the cells together via balance plug won't let you get to just one cell except for the very first one - all the rest of the pins get you to the stack of cells between the hot plug and the ground in the balance connector. Best to see if you can return it.