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  1. R

    Dxe transmitter help

    My spectrum Dxe transmitter is acting strange. When I turn it on, the spectrum logo light turns red instead of orange and makes a lower beeping than the normal sound when it turns on. I can fly with it but the red light and beeping sound continue, more and more frequently. Has this happened to...
  2. M

    ESC beeping once per second and not spinning

    Hi, I am brand new into RC plane, therefore excuse my question. I have a HobbyWing ESC and Turnigy D2826 MOTOR. When I connect the battery to the ESC and motor is also connected I hear a beep 1 per second. I did some research and found out that it could be the throttle to be set but I can...
  3. J

    blade vortex 250 pro

    I recently purchased a blade vortex 250 pro and a set of attitude v3. the 250 keeps a constant beep w 1 second intervals, and this is right out of the box, i have no video transmission and no bind option. the drone and gogles were working earlier but the black box was full and it wouldnt let me...
  4. baddog

    Quanum Nova Firmware Update through Mission Planner

    To All, I am a newbie so I do not know all the correct terms yet so bare with me on this question.... I connected my quanum nova quad to my laptop running mission planner 2. After I connected I received a notice that there was a new stable firmware ArduCopter V3.2 so I updated the firmware...