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Quanum Nova Firmware Update through Mission Planner


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To All,

I am a newbie so I do not know all the correct terms yet so bare with me on this question....

I connected my quanum nova quad to my laptop running mission planner 2. After I connected I received a notice that there was a new stable firmware ArduCopter V3.2 so I updated the firmware. After I updated the firmware things started to act funny. When I connect the battery the quad starts to beep. It used to beep 5-6 times while the motors twitched back and forth and then both would stop and I would have a solid green light and a red light flashing. Now it just continually beeps with motors twitching and I cannot unlock motors.

How do I go back to original firmware, although I read other quanum nova users successfully update to version 3.2...

Issue Video Example: http://youtu.be/fC4FwjmzrUU

Thanks in advance

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