ESC beeping once per second and not spinning


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I am brand new into RC plane, therefore excuse my question.

I have a HobbyWing ESC and Turnigy D2826 MOTOR.

When I connect the battery to the ESC and motor is also connected I hear a beep 1 per second.

I did some research and found out that it could be the throttle to be set but I can not resolve this problem.

The receiver is HK TR6A V2

My transmitter us a HB-T6A V2.

Any help is welcome.



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I think that beeping means the ESC isn't getting a proper throttle signal. Can you post some pictures of your connections?


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You do not say what other checks you have performed. Before trying anything remove the propeller from the motor in case the motor starts when not expected. If you plug in a servo and power up the Rx and Tx does the servo respond to transmitter stick movement. If not your Rx may not be bound to the transmitter.

If the servo does respond the disconnect the battery from the ESC and on the Tx move the throttle to max. Reconnect the battery to the ESC and when the beeping commences move the throttle to minimum. Ideally the ESC should then be calibrated and go through its series of beeps that signify that the start has been successful Etc.

Before trying any calibration or adjustments you should check that the throttle trim is centred and that you have not inadvertently reversed the throttle channel. If in doubt do a reset on the transmitter as this can get rid of any setup mistakes and start the process from a clean setting position.

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My search on the Internet points to a throttle issue.

I have tried many tests and still searching.

Attached pictures as per your request.

Thanks for your help.


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It looks like you have the esc plugged into the wrong channel on the receiver, a quick google search shows people using channel 3 for the esc, this would explain why you can't arm the esc and that beep once a second.