binding issues

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    Help! Regarding configure kk 2.1.5 flight controller for bicopter

    I have built a bicopter and I am new in this field. I am using kk 2.1.5 flight controller. I have done the necessary setting and adjust the values of PI editor and other setting as shown in one YouTube video whose bicopter was properly working. The problem I am facing is, one of the bldc motor...
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    Need Help! - Major struggle with Frsky Radio and Receiver connections

    So I know how annoying the Frsky binding process can be. I got into the hobby around 2 years ago and waded through it without much outside help. Recently though i got some friends into the hobby and i have been helping them so they don't have to go through some of the challenging parts on their...
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    Binding Issues

    Hey all, I'm having a little trouble binding my rx and tx. If i could get someone's input, that'd be great. Plane: Eflite Opterra 1.2 BNF fpv Tx: Spektrum DX6e Rx: Spektrum A3235 What I did (Plane): Plugged in Lipo Put Rx in Binding mode Flashy lights came on indicating that it was in bind...