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bird of time

  1. FoamyDM

    Plane Foamy Bird Of Time 1.0

    The Bird of Time: If you have seen This video, or one like it: You may have suddenly been on the hunt for one. When I did, It was out of stock (never to return) ARFs and plans, but no kits. After a while, I gave up looking and thought... I bet I can make this from Foam Board. This also fit...
  2. G


    Hey Flite Test, I am a big fan and absolutely love what you guys are doing, just curious if Josh Bixler is planning on showing how he modified the Dynaflite Bird of Time with a motor? I absolutely love that episode and i can't get enough of it and was planning on rebuilding the same thing. (i...
  3. B

    3 meter inverted v-tail tav from bird of time

    HI this is my first post and first balsa build. Learned a lot but very happy with the end product. started with a bird of time wing and started by beefing up the center section a little with some triangle balsa on the ribs in order to hold the spars for the v tail. originally used the fuse from...