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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
The Bird of Time:
If you have seen This video, or one like it:
You may have suddenly been on the hunt for one. When I did, It was out of stock (never to return) ARFs and plans, but no kits.
After a while, I gave up looking and thought... I bet I can make this from Foam Board. This also fit into the FTFC20 Classic to modern challenge.

Turns out i could. And you can too.

This model is build for the Original C-pack. however, would work great on a 4s with the newer C-pack.
This model is LARGE - 10' (118") Wingspan, and ~4' fuselage.

It weight in at 4 lbs (1lb. nose weight). Don't worry, it floats like an angel. Have 4- 9g Metal Gear servos (12g ea) at the ready and a LONG extension set, if you install ailerons. Just be sure to pick up 2 CF arrows for wing strengthing.
OFFandAway2.PNG OFFandAway.PNG

There a few important order of assembly items I have put in an assembly sketch for easy reference. (pg.3 of the pdf)
It uses rolled fuselage and curved wing assembly techniques. (see master class videos for technique details and examples)
For the Build Log, please see the assembly link.

Here is the Maiden Video for proof of flight:
While mostly off screen you can see it float away from launch.

Even with a C-pack, this model flies amazing.

Just be mindful to keep your wing joints strong. ask me how I know.

Drop a note in the build log, for any questions, or progress photos so I can cheer you on!

Clear Skies, and good flying.
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