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  1. Robbie

    BLHeli VS SimonK

    Hey guys, Because the kiss 30A ESCs are a while a way i am looking to get either some Afro ESC 30Amp which run SimonK or some Rotorgeeks 30A BLHeli ESC, and i am curious as to which firmware is better? Also does anyone know any other good quality ESCs which have some of the features of Kiss...
  2. IBeHoey

    Simonk aficionados..

    Until recently, I have only used Plush ESCs equipped with SiLabs chips running BLHeli firmware. Using the BLHeli tool, I'm able to adjust all kinds of parameters (motor timing, PWM frequency, min/max throttle, ect.) but my favorite feature was being able to change motor direction. I really liked...