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  1. HilldaFlyer

    VTOL - Tricopter Blunt Versa Mashup

    VTOL with Tricopter and Blunt Nose Versa The plans for the two were overlaid. The tilt mechanism on the front motors would be a real complicated deal with the "Y" configuration... So, I changed it to a "T" copter and lengthened the rear boom to accommodate the positioning changes. In the...
  2. Snarls

    FPV Blunt Nose Versa - My Return to Planes

    Yesterday I was flying at the field and after filming I decided to use my 2200mAh packs for some leisurely cruising because lately my miniquad has been stressing me out. It was really relaxing and for some time I forgot that I was sitting next to my car, rather than floating around in the field...