FPV Blunt Nose Versa - My Return to Planes


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Yesterday I was flying at the field and after filming I decided to use my 2200mAh packs for some leisurely cruising because lately my miniquad has been stressing me out. It was really relaxing and for some time I forgot that I was sitting next to my car, rather than floating around in the field. It got me thinking, maybe I should build something that I can cruise around in upwards of 30 mins, much longer than what the miniquad will do. On my Instagram I have been seeing how popular FPV wings are and what they are capable of. I built an FT Versa as my first scratch build and second plane ever and it was great, but I haven't flown it in months. I'm thinking I will make a completely new Versa with the blunt nose and maybe some more reinforcements to make it FPV capable. I also have a Multiwii Pro that I used on my first quad that I have been dying to put on a plane. I spend a lot of time reading the miniquad threads of the forum, so I am not familiar with the FPV wing guys on this forum, but it would be nice to see others who do this.

Here is what I'm thinking:
-FT Blunt Nose Versa Pusher
-Blue Wonder or NTM 2826 motor
-9X4.7 Gemfan Prop
-2200mAh battery
-30A Plush ESC
-Multiwii Pro - Failsafe, Assisted flying, Autonomy
-FPV Gear + Action Cam
-Tape to waterproof?

In the end I'm thinking I will get something that is a mix between an AP aircraft and an aerobatic aircraft, putting this build in between my AP quad and ZMR250.


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You'll love it, as I do my FT Blunt Nosed Versa! I would just avoid a blue wonder sized motor, and definitely go with your larger size motor. With the 2200 battery, and your FPV gear, you should be ok with nose weight. Might have to add a wee big more if you're using a light actioncam like a mobius, unless you are also using a boardcam in a metal case.

The mutliwii would be good as a stabilized flight controller, but I'm not sure you want to use the autonomous functions on it. I personally have an APM on mine, and love it.

Enjoy the build and flights!