1. Mikey-101234

    Help! Bomb Templates?

    Can anyone make bomb templates? I just watched the latest video on FlitTest and they made bombs, can someone make a bomb template that is to make a bomb only made out of Foam Board?
  2. JGplanes

    Ready for combat and loaded for bear

    After watching the FT Battleship episode with the warbirds dropping bombs, I decided there wasn't enough good (somewhat realistic) bomb drops. I began designing these, and I'm pretty close to the final product. It prints in three pieces, snaps together, and uses one 9g servo. It also has built...
  3. jaskoller

    Very Quick probably easy tricopter Bombdrop question

    I'd like to add a bomb drop to my Tricopter to release parachute guys for the kids. In order to hook up the servo can I just connect that to my receiver? I'm just making sure there is enough voltage from the receiver to power a servo since my receiver is powered by my KK2.1.5 board. Or is...
  4. A

    Payload delivery with time opening bomb

    I've got a concept for a bomb dropped from a plane that opens after a specific time, dropping it's contents. My original idea was to use it to drop dry dog food from my AXN floater, as the area I go to has quite a few people walking there dogs, who all stop and watch my plane (it's very tempting...
  5. gurcsik

    Parachute idea with a twist

    I really like the idea of the simple bomb drop mechanism to carry a variety of things but what about this: Has anyone tried attaching a larger parachute to the tail of the plane itself? I think it would be hilarious if you were in midflight or a stall and when you flipped a switch, you would...