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Help! Bomb Templates?

Can anyone make bomb templates? I just watched the latest video on FlitTest and they made bombs, can someone make a bomb template that is to make a bomb only made out of Foam Board?


FT CAD Gremlin
Staff member
@SP0NZ has the plans for it in his plans index.
Not for the version used in the A-36 Apache vs Flakpanzer video that just released. I think the FT Simple Cub and/or the FT Simple Scout plans include plans for a very simple foam board profile bomb.

I can ask about releasing plans for the new Apache video bombs.
I want it to be Based on a ww2 bomb and the dimensions to be able to fit on a 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper or have a version that is tiled and the main bomb part to be 8 inches and have a diameter of a few inches if you can’t find any ww2 bomb template


Elite member
Attached is a paper template for this part of the bomb, then you would just need to cut out the fin bits (simple rectangles/triangles). Scale the output to match how big you want your bomb and there you go. Just don't include the glue tabs (as they wouldn't be needed) and do beveling as needed. if you want the parts in a different cutout path, you can cut out the individual shapes and reconnect them in what ever order is best for your needs.

I used blender for this with the paper export module/code.