1. S

    HELP! Blank screen issue

    Hi everyone, I just bought the Boscam TS832 & RC832 combo from to get started in FPV. The rest of my gear is as follows: Sylvania SDVD8706 screen Turnigy 1000mah 3S 20c lipo...
  2. D

    boascam 200mw 5.8 GHz very very low range

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum even thought I've been following flitest show for quite a long time. I recently started doing some FPV, as mentioned in the title the FPV set up is made by boscam 200mw 5.8GHz TX,RX (TS351 transmitter, RC305 Reciver) and mobius. The connection are good, I...
  3. Starssadar

    What FPV system to choose?

    Hello all! I have a 350$ budget for an FPV system and I don't know what to choose. I looked thoroughly through forums and Internet and still don't know. I already have a GoPro. What I'm looking for: >Good quality and comfortable goggles with: -30° min view angle, I need something immersive...