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boascam 200mw 5.8 GHz very very low range

Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum even thought I've been following flitest show for quite a long time.
I recently started doing some FPV, as mentioned in the title the FPV set up is made by boscam 200mw 5.8GHz TX,RX (TS351 transmitter, RC305 Reciver) and mobius. The connection are good, I tried to power it up and all seems to be good but as I tested the range I coulden't get the image over 15 meters away. I'm also using the stock antennas, and as they are parallel I get the immage (if I'm closer than 15 meters) but if I rotate the antennas the immage get completly lost. I know they are directional but it's not possible to fly in this conditions.
I also tried changing channel but nothing seems to get better, also I tried the Circular Polarized Antenna from Hobbyking, the range seems to get lower but obviously the directionality is much better.
I don't know what to do, It seems to be a power problem although I powered the TX and the RX with 3s lipo batteries (1000 mAh for the TX and 3000 mAh for the reciver and the screen).
Any suggestions? Thanks everyone!
I have the same TX & RX I have clover leafs on mine, I only get about 100 yards. I think I have a bad unit. it's tough because I don't have a second unit to test with. Wish I knew which one had a problem, for all I know it might be both the TX and RX that's bad. It's very frustrating.



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i remember when i first got my immersion vTX and vRX i thought i had bad units. Just like wifi in your house, you are not "just" on channel 4. Its more like channel 3.5 thru channel 5.5. They overlap. So lets say you have a device that says it has 8 channels. That probably means you have around 3 or 4 usable channels. At least with most antennas. I think on a flight test video they show some guys that mod the antennas so you can use all channels with not as much overlap.

I was one below the channel i should have been on. It wasnt until i went one more channel that i realized they were not matched up.
Thank you a lot! now it seem to be quite good. I have to do some longer range tests, but the image now it's very good even if the antennas are not exactly parallel. I'll let you know after the future tests!

Bye everyone
I'm really glad that worked out for you. I'm enjoying that setup with stock antennas right now, I currently don't plan on upgrading until my planes are built for longer range.
First FPV flight done on the FT spitfire, really amazing experience althought I have to practice a lot! I did not test the full range yet, I need an appropriate location and a second pilot with me, I'll let you know!
Any guess of how far you have flown it so far? I have been looking at this same system and would like to get out to about 300 yards.
Sorry if i took so much time responding but I've been quite busy. No I don't really know exactly how far I flown but I guess it was no more than 200 mt. As mutch I read from the internet the range could be higher than 600 mt. But I think you better try it before putting in the air


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I bought this from Rctimer that allows me to see both Fatshark/Immersion, Boscam and Skyzone 5.8ghz transmitters. Works 'ok'. Not has good as a receiver made specifically for the video transmitter, but well enough for the HK foam goggles I got for someone beside me to ride along.

The thing I really like about them is I can go to the flying field and flip through the channels and find everyone transmitting and watch their flight.

Plus it's currently $10 off.