1. LitterBug

    LitterBug's 22-23 Winter build of AgentC's EZ Bronco

    Been cluttering up AgentC's thread and decided it would be better for me to post up my own thread for my winter build. Planning on using a bunch of old brushed clearance parts hoarded over the years. FT used to have a 3 channel EZ-power pack and they still sell the 2 channel version. AgentC's...
  2. GliderFlyer

    What to do with a brushed ESC

    So the very first RC airplane that I ever built was the pico stick F. You all don't need to know if it flew or not, but skipping to the point- I have had the ESC from it for a long time. Its a 20a. I want to find some cheap brushed motors that I use for miscellaneous projects. What I need to...
  3. C

    Motor Constraints

    Trying to Find Motor Hi all, This is my first post on this forum (any forum for that matter) and I am pretty new to this rc business. I am currently building a hovercraft for a competition, and am having trouble finding a motor that meets the given constraints. The motor has to be brushed and...
  4. muteFPV

    3 ways to fix your props - how to secure propellers on brushed motors

    A propeller flying off the motor shaft is one of the worst things that can happen to us, micro quad flyers. Whether it is due to manufacturing error or due to mounting and removing a prop for a few times, it is a problem that needs a PROPer solution. After trying all possible fixes, including...
  5. Snarls

    Snarls Micro Brushed Quad - Build Log

    Alright it's time for another build! This time we're going even smaller; to the micro scale. Winter is approaching and that means short days, cold temperatures, and snow. To keep myself occupied I've decided to finally get something I can fly indoors. The Tiny Whoop and Nano QX are popular...
  6. M

    How about a micro brushed flight controller roundup?

    I've been having a lot of fun with the little Inductrix from Blade (adding an FPV cam tomorrow!) But I was thinking about trying to 3d print something similar to experiment with. I thought about using the FC from an Inductrix but would really like to have something that runs software like...
  7. E

    Needed brushed ESC

    I am working on a project that requires a brushed ESC. I'm looking for a cheap one under $10 if you are willing. Any amperage rating is fine. I can pay shipping. Colorado Springs, CO USA
  8. M

    Delta Ray Upgrade: Xtreme Pro 180 Brushed

    Part 1 (Background and Preparation): Motivated by the frustration that has resulted from: 1) the lack of power the Delta Ray has, and 2) the short lifespan of the stock brushed motors, I have spent countless hours researching and planning an upgrade which will be broken down into several...