3 ways to fix your props - how to secure propellers on brushed motors


A propeller flying off the motor shaft is one of the worst things that can happen to us, micro quad flyers. Whether it is due to manufacturing error or due to mounting and removing a prop for a few times, it is a problem that needs a PROPer solution.
After trying all possible fixes, including refrigerating the props, heating and manipulating the hub and using various types of adhesives, these are the 3 ways I have found to be working consistently on several props and micro quad weights.

You can view the detailed how-to, step by step in the photos below, or watch it all in the following short video:

Personally I prefer the “Fill+Drill” method, since it results in props with the exact same fit, every time, all the time. I have yet to experience a propeller flying off the motor shafts, even in hard crashes.

Keep in mind that, the lighter your micro quad is, the less likely the props are to fly off the motor shafts.
Concerning the Dental Floss fix, my experience has shown that some propellers cannot handle the extra pressure on the inside of the hub. In this case the hub becomes a weak point and might fail during a crash. I have had plenty of genuine Ladybird props that have broken right on the hub, especially when using more than 1 pass of dental floss. Your mileage may vary, consider this just a word of caution.

You can find the hand drill set I am using (complete with 20pcs 0.3-1.6mm drill bits) here