What to do with a brushed ESC


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So the very first RC airplane that I ever built was the pico stick F. You all don't need to know if it flew or not, but skipping to the point- I have had the ESC from it for a long time. Its a 20a. I want to find some cheap brushed motors that I use for miscellaneous projects. What I need to know is are the power calculations still the same for brushed as brushless? I don't know how to choose the right motor (I'll probably be using a 2s battery by the way)


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Tons of cheap gear drive brushed motors available online like $ 10 usd delivered. Specs haven't changed, but except for odd projects everyone wants brushless. I run 20 amps on my 3cell slowstik on a 400 motor and a 10x5x2 prop.