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build along

  1. cdfigueredo

    A new attempt to start right.

    About a year ago I started flying. The only plane I have flown is my Cessna 182 scratchbuilt, apart from a cardboadr FT Simple Scout that only flew for one day. :p. The point is that i started flying an airplane that was not really a trainer for a beginner. Even so, I managed to master it quite...
  2. FoamyDM

    2018-2019 Balsa Build Along - Turbinator-E by FoamyDM

    For this 2018-2019 Build along, I plan to build The Ductinator-E by Ziroli I scored from a hobbyist who cannot continue building for health reasons, and a member was helping him unload them, bought for a steal. The EDF just came in. (my other kit is a Contender 40) I have NO Balsa Build...