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  1. M

    Carl Goldberg Freedom 20 Electric Conversion Help

    Hi all! I've been working on building an old Freedom 20 kit and replacing the power system with electric. I've pretty much finished the build at this point, but forgot one crucial detail: battery retention. This being my first non ARF or BNF fixed wing, I completely neglected to think about how...
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  3. Starfleet42

    What tape to use on the brown waterproof foamboard?

    I am adding tape to reinforce a wing, and tested some Up&Up (Target brand) packing tape on the brown surface of the board, and it did NOT want to stick to it. Granted, it's not great packing tape to begin with, but is there a recommended brand or type of packing tape that reliably sticks well?
  4. A

    Help! Multi rotor competition help

    Hello my name is Andres, I am building a quad copter that will weigh at most 5 pounds. It will need to fly a long way ( not sure but a mile? maybe more), but I am looking for efficient motors with a low amperage take so that the battery will last longer. I was planning to use a 2300Kv...
  5. F

    Need advice with the corsair build!

    I am attaching the cowl with the pod holder into the main fuselage, how far down the does cowling go onto the E former? Should bottom lip of the pod holder be flush with the E former or do I push it down as far as it will go when gluing it?
  6. Scooter The White Rabbit


    Anyone attempt it? I have a Testors hard plastic model to build for me other half (The Black Bird is her baby!). Suddenly in my mind I saw the long body and integrated wings and tall rudders of this bird in brown foam board. But not two, but two EDF's in each long engine pod. 1. How do you...
  7. N

    Need a hglrc f428 pd/esc board.

    I have been able to fund myself for most ever other part ft sidewinder frame, motors, battery, camera, transmitter Etc. Etc. to include the original hglrc f428 fc however the pd/etc board I received does not work. So I am looking for either another f428 pd esc board or another setup to fit the...
  8. P

    Need help: Major n00b doing first build!

    Hi! Sorry if there's any silly questions. Also sorry if this is in the wrong section. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, I'm going to be building my first model. I'm brand new to electric flying, I have a fantastic area near me that I want to fly in (my gas plane is too noisy). I...
  9. T

    Ft Storch landing gear

    Just finished building the Storch with the free build plans, all i need now is the landing gear. How long are the pieces of landing gear wire??? Thanks