build ideas

  1. Crazed Scout Pilot

    Design of The Month

    I thought it would be nice if at the end of every month you post what your favorite plane designs that you built or are working on. Also include what you enjoyed about the build/flying experience, and what you did not enjoy about the build/flying experience. Also you could include what you plan...
  2. M

    Carl Goldberg Freedom 20 Electric Conversion Help

    Hi all! I've been working on building an old Freedom 20 kit and replacing the power system with electric. I've pretty much finished the build at this point, but forgot one crucial detail: battery retention. This being my first non ARF or BNF fixed wing, I completely neglected to think about how...
  3. 33.JPG


  4. SerKwesiVII

    Variable-sweep wing

    Hey I'm Jonathan from Ghana and I've been looking at a lot of aircraft that have a variable sweep wing configuration, a plane that can essentially change it wings from either delta wing to a straight wing during flight. Planes like the Grumman F-14 Tomcat or the Dassault Mirage G. Could you guys...
  5. 2jujube7

    Project ideas?

    Hi everyone, I've been building and flying Flite Test planes for about 6 months now, and I'm currently lucky enough to be in school, not online. I feel pretty confident in both my flying and designing abilities. I have a study hall currently planned for my second semester in high school (10th...
  6. "Corpse"

    Edge 540 modifications and builds.

    I am going to be building a "BushEdge", and I just bought the speed build kit. If any of you want mod ideas for the Edge, this is the thread for you!
  7. M

    Great show! Build and challenge ideas!

    Hey guys, I discovered your show about one and a half months ago and cannot stop watching! I love it! You guys are running a great business and excellent entertainment to boot! You have inspired me to get into this hobbie! Ok, I've got some build ideas and challenge ideas: The biggest thing...