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build ideas

  1. SerKwesiVII

    Variable-sweep wing

    Hey I'm Jonathan from Ghana and I've been looking at a lot of aircraft that have a variable sweep wing configuration, a plane that can essentially change it wings from either delta wing to a straight wing during flight. Planes like the Grumman F-14 Tomcat or the Dassault Mirage G. Could you guys...
  2. 2jujube7

    Project ideas?

    Hi everyone, I've been building and flying Flite Test planes for about 6 months now, and I'm currently lucky enough to be in school, not online. I feel pretty confident in both my flying and designing abilities. I have a study hall currently planned for my second semester in high school (10th...
  3. "Corpse"

    Edge 540 modifications and builds.

    I am going to be building a "BushEdge", and I just bought the speed build kit. If any of you want mod ideas for the Edge, this is the thread for you!
  4. M

    Great show! Build and challenge ideas!

    Hey guys, I discovered your show about one and a half months ago and cannot stop watching! I love it! You guys are running a great business and excellent entertainment to boot! You have inspired me to get into this hobbie! Ok, I've got some build ideas and challenge ideas: The biggest thing...