Great show! Build and challenge ideas!


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Hey guys, I discovered your show about one and a half months ago and cannot stop watching! I love it! You guys are running a great business and excellent entertainment to boot! You have inspired me to get into this hobbie!

Ok, I've got some build ideas and challenge ideas:

  1. The biggest thing I'd love to see are two airplanes (probably foam) with forward mounted airsoft guns. You could fly FPV and design some sort of crosshairs or something. Then you could have epic REAL dog-fights! How awesome would that be?!
  2. Speaking of dog-fighting... It would be awesome if Josh B. showed us some more advanced aerobatics / maneuvers. Like barrel rolls, S-turns, Immelman turns, Yo-Yos, scissors, etc... That would be, I think, a great episodes. Maybe it could be a two part episode with the FPV dog fighters from my first idea!
  3. This one is kinda out there, but it would awesome if you could have bottle rockets on a plane/quad and fire them remotely. You know, like rockets.. ha ha. You could set up some targets/toys to destroy or something.
  4. This is a build idea I thought of: A while ago I saw a video of a P-51D with contra-rotating props, it was awesome. Now, I have no idea how you would execute that design (one motor infront of another, one motor with gears to spin both props or something), but I'd love to see it!
  5. It would also be cool if you made a VTOL plane with the duct-fans, like the Harrier where they would rotate down to take off/land, and rotate back to fly.
  6. It'd be cool to see some awesome shark themed (think flying tigers) paint jobs

Thanks guys for the great show, keep it up!

p.s. Do you any of you guys play War Thunder?