1. zdsweet

    Tailwheel Bush Conversion - E-Flite Carbon Z T-28 2.0m

    We had some fun last week converting an E-Flite Carbon Z T-28 into a tailwheel configuration with tundra tires and leading-edge slats. 😁 This was an incredibly fun project for us to take on. There is some more fine tuning that we need to do with the conversion but that's where all the fun is...
  2. Taildragger

    Plane Kitfox STi (original version) 4.0

    After months of work, I am proud to release a BETA version of my first design, the Mighty Mini Kitfox STi. This plane has NOT finished passing BETA tests! but it does look cool... Required Electronics: Three 9g Servos OR One 9g Servo and Two 5g Servos 1806 Motor ~2300kv (A 2205 will NOT fit)...
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  6. Grifflyer

    Plane ShrubSmacker 1.1

    Description: The ShrubSmacker is a mighty mini sized STOL plane. It is a fairly simple build and has a huge flight envelope. You can build it as a regular 4ch plane dial back the throws and use it as a step up from the 4ch Tiny Trainer, or you can build it with flaps and you'll have a STOL...
  7. Aretaic

    ~30" B-pack Kit Fox and SuperSTOL Plans [project]

    So I'm going to try and put together a pair of simple speedbuild-ish STOL plans that could fly pretty well with a B-pack motor. I converted almost all of my previous MT2213 motor'd planes to the GT2215/09, and they were all 35"-45" span planes that really flew a lot easier with the beefier...
  8. K

    Carbon bush plane design and build

    Hey guys! Currently working on the design for a carbon fibre build. I love super cubs and bush planes, so its going to based around a cub. But not exactly scale. I'm looking to go full on STOL custom design. Going to be spending most of the time working in CAD until the design is finalized...