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~30" B-pack Kit Fox and SuperSTOL Plans [project]

So I'm going to try and put together a pair of simple speedbuild-ish STOL plans that could fly pretty well with a B-pack motor. I converted almost all of my previous MT2213 motor'd planes to the GT2215/09, and they were all 35"-45" span planes that really flew a lot easier with the beefier motor, but now I have MT2213s sitting there just waiting for something fun to fly! I love my Bushwacker, but would like something a little smaller and even slower for flying over my front yard - Enter the Kit Fox and SuperSTOL.
I feel like they could be built very simple and work with the 2213 on a 845 prop with a roughly 30" wingspan, and could have lots of little mods seen elsewhere, like flaps/flaperons, leading edge slats, float/ski gear options, but still be light enough to be a slow flying park plane or nimble trainer for smaller arenas. My goals are to have both planes with similar plans, and both be able to use the same gear and options, and fly relatively similarly to each other - sort of like how the FT Mini Warbirds, Alpha/Bravo/Charlie, or the FT Battle Buddies are laid out where you can have a choice within a category. Also, I really want them to work well and be fully maneuverable with the B-pack motor, rather than a plane that can fly on B-pack but really works much better with the C-pack (or else I'll learn that the GT2215/09 is just way better in all respects than the MT2213).
I'm learning a lot from building the S.21 Folgore seaplane in another thread, first trying a more scale representation and then quickly coming up with a super simplified quick building plan as well - So I'm pumped to implement that here. If work goes well today, I'll hopefully have time tonight to start working on this project! Look for updates very soon.
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Had to stay late and finish up a job, so I haven't spent too much time on building - but I built several so-so wings and after mucking around with my printer's inaccuracies and an overcomplicated drop-down flaperon mechanism for too long, decided to just use this super simple 30" high lift wing with full length tapered leading edge slot. 30" without dihedral is nice because it can be made in one piece rather than split. Low AUW, high lift, and control surface authority are probably going to be my main priorities here. Maybe I can do something fun and practical with the fuselage and all this 2mm/3mm carbon tubing I have.
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Despite the chaos of work and the one-and-a-half year old bottle rocket that never runs out of fuel at home, I've gotten an airframe together. It's ending up as just a rough outline of a 60% Bushwacker with minor differences - the wing is fixed and integral to the fuselage, the tail is cruciform rather than in-fuselage, the firewall and motor are non-removable, and there's a bottom hatch designed a-la the FT-3D canopy. AUW with an 1100mAh 3S and other electronics is 348g, no landing gear yet though. the MT2213 and 845 prop should be able to pull at a thrust-weight ratio of about 1.2:1 to 1.1:1 depending on whatever landing gear ends up on it, but hopefully still has good low speed characteristics. We'll see soon!