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  1. jk6stringer

    Looking at STOL options

    Hi Friends, Ive thinking about getting a STOL type aircraft to counteract that fact that I cant easily access the larger flying spaces these days. Something like the Tundra is a nice choice, but going with the FT style I was thinking about going with the Bushwhacker... But the new FT Simple...
  2. R

    FT Bushwhacker electronics setup help

    Hey gals and guys! I am trying to get the gear together to build a Bushwhacker (God I love that plane). However, being in the UK I'm going to have to source the electronics individually and, at times, approximate to the closest equivalent available. Since I'm not exactly experienced with...
  3. C

    Bushwhacker First Build

    I was curious, what is the biggest (reasonable) battery that i could put in the bushwhacker, and about how much flight time would i get out of it? Thanks
  4. L

    Bushwhacker Float Plane (with waterproof foam board)

    Make a Bushwhacker with the new waterproof foam board and put floats on it. Better yet, sell a laser cut kit for the waterproof Bushwhacker with the parts to build the floats. I would buy one. Can I order one now? Since it might be a bit 'til the waterproof board is readily available to the...