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Looking at STOL options


FF16 Here I come!
Hi Friends,

Ive thinking about getting a STOL type aircraft to counteract that fact that I cant easily access the larger flying spaces these days.

Something like the Tundra is a nice choice, but going with the FT style I was thinking about going with the Bushwhacker... But the new FT Simple Cub looks pretty sweet, and after all Cubs are commonly used as bush plans with the larger wheels and such.

Any thoughts on adding Flaps/Barn Door Flaps and some Bushwhacker type wheels to the Cub?



Old and Bold RC PILOT
The cub can be made into a fair STOL plane with work. If you are looking for a true STOL performance I recommend starting with a bushwacker or a Storch and rework them for your aims.

Small park flying can equally accomplished with small hand launched, (short take off), lightweight designs. Finally you could consider the 3D designs which can land at almost zero speed, (with a lot of practice), and have sufficient power to take off almost vertically.

You have not stated your skill, experience level but from your join date I assume it is quite high and therefore I do not see any real issues for you regardless of what you choose.

Have fun!


FF16 Here I come!
Thanks for the replies guys, I have been flying and building for a few years now so Im very comfortable building and flying. So I wasn't looking at the Cub because it was easy. It just looks really nice! Also some reviews of the Bushwhacker were that it had issues Hovering or inverted. I think for that reason I may go Flaperon as Peter recommends to put more aileron in the prop wash.

Actually 3D flying is what I fly most often and you are spot on with that recommendation, very easy to fly in a tight spot indeed. High Alpha landings do infact land pretty much vertically. My 3D planes don't have flaps or flaperons, and since I also enjoy flying my larger models at more open fields I was looking to spice it up a bit and bring some of that feeling to my flying site.

Im also in the middle of making a 400mm FPV flying wing for the same reason.

And hey who doesnt need another plan right?

I think I will go with the Bushwhacker, I can always try the cub next. My (banggood) Laser cutter arrives today so I will need pieces to cut! :)



FF16 Here I come!
Whats the advantage to the Barn Door style flaps on the Tundra? does the air passing over the top have any effect on models? Peter didnt design it in, so Im thinking perhaps its for scale looks?


Toothpick glider kid
If you could do a "how to" tutorial on it that would help us noobs in laser cutting a lot! I know everyone who doesn't have a laser cutter wants one, and getting one that is affordable and works well with foam board would definitely help the community.


FF16 Here I come!
I do plan to, first I have to out how myself!

Mine is someone still "out for delivery"...

My buddy got his and said it took less then 2 hours to build. Here is a shot of his, un IMG_0205.JPG modified.

I will make its own build thread probably as I go, then post the results as an article for everyone if it comes out successful.


Slow, low and dirty.
The Simple Cub with flaperon's, a b-kit, 9x4.7 prop and 1000mah battery pack is pretty STOL. You could add leading edge slats (ala-Storch) and improve the low speed performance (but affect some of the aerobatic performance). Even with Timber 1.5m wheels and heavier landing gear, mine takes off in 6 feet over rough terrain.


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Hi, and I'm sorry for the late input.

Two videos: video 1 and video 2.

I never saw any other plane doing both true STOL (and it's still using only 140w motor), aerobatics (the basic ones, but still) and fighting the wind strong enough to make it fly backwards. I know everybody loves their Bushwackers, Cubs, Timbers and Tundras; bud did anyone show such a wide flight envelope with any of those? And with one single airframe, the same motor, control setup and AUW in all of those cases? Honestly, I would love to see that; but so far I had to do it myself. With my old, trusted FT Simple Storch.

Whatever you will choose, Good Luck and Have Fun!


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Its all about power to weight so if you are limited to 140W then it need to be seriously light.
This 40" span Super Cub weighs just under 8 oz (220g) with a 1000 mAh 2s on board.
Does all the simple aerobatics with only 70W available but that still means it has 140W/lb!
It can cruise on not much more than 1A so, if required, it can stay up for a quite a long time.
STOL certainly and it goes backwards anyway if the wind is much over 10 kts. :eek:
Compared to normal Flight Test designs it is a bit of a cheat as it is built almost entirely from 2 & 3 mm Depron. No carbon anywhere and the only 'wood' is the balsa wing struts.


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I know y’all are gonna say “Oh, he’s just another Tundra guy”, but that’s where my vote is. I love love love my Tundra. I got mine on sale for 180$, the green sports model with foam wheels. The foam is very well made, and has a good finish. Flaps go to a full 90* to get slowed down quick. Landing rollouts, maybe 10 ft. Takeoffs, a couple feet. This is possibly also the most aerobatic plane in its class. Roll rate is waaayyyy better than a timber. Inverted, snap rolls, wingovers, split S’s, a lot of basic aerobatic maneuvers are possible. If you are skilled you may be able to hover it! Plenty of power on 3s, vertical isn’t quite unlimited but close. It can also get up and move at high throttle settings. Switch to an APC 12x6 prop for best performance. This plane also can take a wide range of batteries. I have flown from a 1000 3s to a 5200 3s, and regularly fly it on a 5200. The only weak point of this plane is the landing gear. It will hold up to most hard landings and plop downs, but if you have a super hard landing or crash, the wire will bend. It is easily bent back. So there’s my not so short review/opinion of the durafly tundra. I highly recommend!