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FT Bushwhacker electronics setup help


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Hey gals and guys!
I am trying to get the gear together to build a Bushwhacker (God I love that plane). However, being in the UK I'm going to have to source the electronics individually and, at times, approximate to the closest equivalent available.

Since I'm not exactly experienced with electric flight, I'd like to know if what I've chosen will work for this plane. Any tips or suggestions are welcome.

EMAX Brushless Motor GT2218-09 KV1100
It is 80KV lower and 10g heavier than the one FT uses (but I doubt that will make any difference right?). Takes the same cell and runs at a similar Amp level (20-30 Amps in most setups from what I gather).
Will be using a 10x4.7 prop as recommended for this motor and as suggested by FT.

Not so sure about the esc, but was thinking of going with a Tower Pro H40 Amp ESC 50AMP Burst. Should be enough cushion right?

Overlander Supersport 2200 mAh 3S 11.1v 30C Li-Po
The specs seem electrically good but it's 150 grams. Isn't that a lot?

The only 9g servos I could find are these: EMAX 9g Budget Micro Servo. Kinda worried about durability here, they seem cheap. The only better ones are heavier though. Will going for say 12g servos make a big difference? Or are these emax ones in fact good enough?

Finally, the transmitter receiver combo is going to be a Flysky FS-T6. This one looks like a bit of a chinese hunk of junk - is it? The price is very tempting but if it's garbage I'd rather spend a little extra and get more bang for my buck haha.

Any help and suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you!


I'm a care bear...Really?
Hey welcome to the fun.... So far you look to be on the right track. Motor and esc should be fine. The 9g servos should be ok. that is what most of us use in our builds. I don't mean those exact servos but I mean the weight category. FlySky stuff is ok. It's a knockoff of the frsky stuff. If you are not digging that look into hobbyking. You can get spektrum systems pretty cheap. Honestly the lowest spektrum radio I would go for a beginner is the DX5e. Only issue there is the preprogrammed hi/low rates don't change that much. I would look into either of the DX6 series radios. Entry level computer programming radio. You do everything in the radio, no external computer needed for programming. I would stick to the simple receivers for now. With getting a Spektrum radio you can use the lemon rx and orange rx clone stuff. They run the same radio protocol so you can bind (connect) to each other.
That's about it for now.


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Awesome! Thanks man! That Flysky TX still lets me adjust my responses right? (My terminology may not be appropriate - I mean it'll let me tell the RX to respond gradually and individually to my inputs, like have an S curve type response on my yaw axis for instance and a flat response on my pitch?) Or will I be stuck with a preprogrammed or flat response rate?


I'm a care bear...Really?
It looks to have the ability to do so. But remember this, if you ever get a BNF (bind and fly) aircraft from horizon hobby or something like that you will most likely need a DSMX radio, like the spektrum or any of the hobbyking clones.


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Oh ok I see missed that bit, went over my head haha.
You're talking about the "language" the radio "speaks" right? I'll take it the Flysky one is not a very good one in that respect? That is, it won't be compatible with the RXs in most BNFs so if I ever get one I'd have to change the RX out right?


I'm a care bear...Really?
Don't get me wrong. It's a great starter radio. But if you decide to buy some BNF planes you will need a spektrum radio. Now you can Get and RTF, ready to fly, and they come with either a mini controller or if it is a bigger model you will probably get a DX6


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well I have a fs-t6 and i really love it im gonna build the bushwacker soon but....you dont have the ability to do flaperons
but beside the point the tx is a really good entry level 6ch tx its cheap and ecomicle