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  1. A

    E-Flite UMX Habu S DF180

    I recently started buying instead of just the scratch building, I have got the E-Flite T-28 Trojan and i can handle that pretty well, i mainly build small parkfliers but i have never seen and EDF Jet the size of the UMX Habu. I think it is fine as it does have the Sensor Assisted Flight...
  2. F

    Best Flying Wing

    Hey Everyone, I've been looking for a while for the best flying wing for a good price. I was leaning towards the Teksumo, but its battery compartment and servos are on the bottom. I also am looking at the Tuffwing. Any other suggestions? I DON'T like flying with rudders, so that is why I am...
  3. X

    First buy at HK and i get the worst experience that i could have!

    So to start from the beginning. I'm new to this whole RC stuff, but i have followed FliteTest for a long time and read all possible threads on this forum and other sites about multirotors. So i finally started to write down a list of parts that i needed, so when i had the money i could buy it...
  4. Hamdhan

    Bixler Beginner Combo

    I myself am a beginner to RC planes, however, since I've done alot of research on HK planes, I thought I'd give the newbie my aircraft buying choice. This list of items is a package of items that will get the beginner started: It includes plane, battery, Transmitter, charger... basically...