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E-Flite UMX Habu S DF180

I recently started buying instead of just the scratch building, I have got the E-Flite T-28 Trojan and i can handle that pretty well, i mainly build small parkfliers but i have never seen and EDF Jet the size of the UMX Habu. I think it is fine as it does have the Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope, but should i spend the money on it? Or go for a bigger EDF. I have flown the FT Viggen that i built last year, but im unsure of the size of the Habu (I don't like the big habus because i want an EDF parkflier) should I buy it?
The little Habu is fun. It's a bit under powered so be ready to have to think ahead with it. It's nimble but not squirrely. It lands fairly fast and has the glide potential of a cheese stick but overall it's a fun little plane. Also, owing to the fact that it's an EDF the flight times are fairly short. As far as it being a park flier, it's a fairly fast plane and is constantly turning in a small park environment. Larger parks would be recommended. We call it the angry dust buster. It sounds cool!