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First buy at HK and i get the worst experience that i could have!

So to start from the beginning.
I'm new to this whole RC stuff, but i have followed FliteTest for a long time and read all possible threads on this forum and other sites about multirotors. So i finally started to write down a list of parts that i needed, so when i had the money i could buy it.
So i went to HobbyKings International store, knowing that there would be 3-5 weeks delivery, and ordered my list for the tricopter.
After i placed the order, and the money was transferred, i just had to wait. There was a few items on the list that was in backorder, wich was fine with me. I used the hobbykingwatch site to see if I could expect restock within reasonable time frame, and i could with all except 1 item, so i cancelled that item. after this i could see that they got my money 20/02-2013 and every thing was in stock after 3 days (which was darn fast...I know!). My order status kept saying "Paid, Processing" so i checked the order again the day after, and suddenly the Turnigy Talon v1.0 tricopter frame was JIT. I saw that JIT items should only take 3-5 days, and then my order would be shipped, so i didn't make a big fuss about it.
After 7 days with my order status still the same i contacted HK CS, and they promised to check up on the item and send me a mail within 24 hours. The day after around the same time, no mail had arrived, so i contacted HK CS again asking why I haven't received any mail about status of the JIT, and they told me that i just had to wait for the warehouse to respond, so i waited one more day, and the same happend, but this time i wouldn't accept that i just had to wait, i told them to call the warehouse to find out why the item haven't arrived yet, and they told me they would call them in the morning and send me a mail. But again, I didn't get the mail. this repeated itself almost every day for the last 1-2 weeks, when i finally had enough! I told them that i would cancel my whole order $442 and demand a refund if they didn't find out why the JIT item haven't arrived. and then i got disconnected (this have happened before on their chat) so i created a new session and I got though to this guy:

Customer Service Chat
I know I miss-spelled and the grammar isn't perfect, but I'm from Denmark and I was really angry ;)
(uploaded to my friends upload site)

I know that i'm not that kind in my way to respond to some of the things he say but i was really pissed off, and with very good reason when you read the response i got the day after via mail. (Finally i got that mail with a real update in it)

Response the day after
(uploaded to my friends upload site)

This issue would have been fixed 3 weeks ago if any one other than Ricky/Thomas have listened to me and called that warehouse instead of just requesting an update via their system. I told them to call and they said they would but NONE other than this guy actually did. So 3 weeks with incompetence from HobbyKings side could be avoided if they just had called their warehouse.

So be aware! If you expirence ANYTHING like this. Bookmark this and link to it in HK CS Chat! :)

So now i'm just waiting for the actual JIT item to arrive, and hopefully my order will arrive to my address in Denmark within 2 weeks +/- :)


How many letters do we ge
Me? 43 orders. I'm too scared to add up the amount (thousands!). Never an issue.

How does an "issue" arise? Ordering stuff that's not in stock, then adjusting the order, then sending emails/ chats/ which flame the CS staff and make unreasonable demands ('there have to be compensation here').

Consider the size of the operation of HK; boxes everywhere, multiple warehouses, 1000s of orders a day. If everyone emailed about their order there would not be a chance of getting back to them all!

Why do we use HK? Because we like the price. If we like the price we have to wear the wait. Personally I can live with that, it's only a hobby, so I wait and wait until an item is in stock and then buy (not before).

If you don't want to wait, shop somewhere else. Will it be more expensive? Of course it will be; the extra cost buys the 'service' and 'compensation' that you expect.

Please don't take this post as a personal attack. The above is advice which the 25 or so views so far wanted to say but didn't.


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I've placed 13 orders with pretty good luck.

My last order included a Micro Quad, which was a jit item.

Could have been the jit or Chinese New Year, but it took a month for my order to clear the country. Most arrive within a reasonable time. If the item is small enough to be sent in a mail packet, I can get it in ten days.

Whatever you DON'T order anything on back order. The whole order just sits until all items arrive. If something's BO, put it in your wish list until the next order.

If you want quick service order from someone like Headsuprc. Seems like when I log off their site, I can hear the UPS guy climbing my steps. :rolleyes:

HK ain't perfect, but the prices keep me coming back.

Someone once said "Price, quality, service; pick any two".
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Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
If I want something not in stock it goes on the wish list for the future. I won't order if it's not in stock as I don't know what to expect. There are usually other options I can work with for motors, props, batteries, etc and always a different plane I just HAVE to get. I'm still waiting for two orders placed just after the Chinese New Year, and a third placed today.

Cheap decent quality goods, with minimal service. After having a faulty transmitter sent to me I could have started shopping elsewhere, but even after paying shipping to return the transmitter I'm still much farther ahead buying from HK.

Best advice, read the above posts and just be aware of what a backordered item will do to your order.
@ glydr:
yes i did order stuff that wasn't in stock and these items didn't give me any problems. The only thing that gave me a problem was an item that was "In Stock" and then was "In Stock - JIT Item". And the compensation thing, that was a demand aftwer 4 weeks of waiting. Normally i don't demand this kind of thing, but i thought it was reasonable, due to the waiting time for them to find the issue. Which turns out to be a system error the could have fixed just by simple call the warehouse after the normal number of day when JIT is delayed, but they didn't. it was first when I threatened them that i would cancel my order and if they didn't want my to do that some thing had to happen and they had to compensate me.
But yes, if you order "Backorder" you will have to wait till it's in stock, but then again it wasn't the Backorder items that gave me problems, it was an item that was in stock and suddenly was JIT, and after 4 weeks of me complaining 2 of them they found out that the item haven't been ordered due to a SYSTEM ERROR, which you would have known before just by a simple call.

Again, it wasn't the backorder item that gave me an issue, it was an item that was in stock and suddenly got JIT status.

@joker 53150:
all the items was needed except that 1 item i cancelled.

I will say that i asked them if they had ANY tricopterframe ready to send and they told me every frame was JIT (got a screenshot of that chat to)
If you want reliable fast delivery, plenty of companies that will do that. It will cost you 2-3x as much.
We all use HKing because they are cheap, not because they are fast,reliable & have quality control.
Did you order your stuff during Chinese new year ?? That often causes issues.

I think HKing need to be a bit more honest about delivery times.
Singapore Post: the tracking system doesnt work.
When HK say its sent , it can be 1-4 weeks before it actually leaves HongKong/China
When HK say its sent, the tracking shows it not been picked up yet.
JIT : add up to an extra 4+ weeks
Normal delivery: 4-8 weeks.
Backorder : forget it, wont ever arrive any time soon. Some planes Im after have been on backorder for 4 months. And HK are still accepting orders for these planes.
They should just not allow a backorder goods to be ordered AND PAID FOR by customers.
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57 orders in and I've never had an experience like that, sorry that hit you. As glydr said, if you mess with the system you're bound to get problems, but as a customer you're entitled to do that, and shouldn't have to expect it - it's just a fact with HK. At most I've changed type of delivery when I made a mistake and that worked just fine. Other than that, I've had a few defective items, and they handled that gracefully. I try to be as dry and correct as possible when contacting CS, it's just their job and I myself do not myself appreciate angry people at my job... If something upsets me, I just correctly state all the facts that makes me upset instead of saying/showing I am - then they'll derive my frustration instead of having it in their face. That always works best.

Some stuff that I learned about HK orders is to keep them small and only order stock items together (BK stuff I order separately so the items don't block).

Best of luck with your build!!
JIT items are assembled after you buy, you have to understand that you placed your order right after the new year holiday.. they might be dealing with backlog orders.

ALSO, if you really need something hairy solved; DONT GO TO ONLINE CHAT !! they dont keep track of your previous contact so everytime its a first time, they are good to cancel a product or include a product on your order but thats it ... For more complicated issues, warranties, defective products you should open a ticket with the inquiry.

Im have over 70+ orders and i experienced all that you can imagine, including your JIT problem. hobbyking honored every mishap or bad experience i had.

Dont be irreductible, give them easy options to solve the problems. Example: if you took a picture of a defective product and they agree to refund, accept the bonus points ASAP, dont fight for paypal or credit card reimbursment ... if you stood your ground and demand the credit on paypal or CC they will honor it but it will take more time ....

I hope you can enjoy your new Hobby and can put a closure on that story. enjoy the tips :p