c pack

  1. SP0NZ

    Plane PT-17 Stearman 1.0

    PT-17 Stearman Design by: Ben Harber Plans by: Dan Sponholz Ben Harber designed this amazing 1 : 9.65 scale Boeing PT-17 Stearman built from ADAMS Readi-Board (a.k.a. Dollar Tree Foam Board). History: The Stearman (Boeing) Model 75 is a biplane formerly used as a military trainer aircraft, of...
  2. Mr NCT

    Plane DR1 150% 2022-02-20

    This is version 3 of scaling the FT MM DR1 to 150%. It's made for a Power Pack C and a 2200ma 3s battery. You can build it with folded wings like the Sportster or shape the wings like the master series. I used shaped aluminum tube for the cabanes so that I could conceal the servo wires from...
  3. flitetest

    Plane FT Guinea Pig 1.1

    FT Guinea Pig Designed By: Peter Sripol Plans By: Dan Sponholz Description: The Flite Test Guinea Pig is the perfect platform to carry out the craziest experiments in the air. While it can carry a hefty payload, which can be dropped out the rear hatch, it can also be set up to carry out...
  4. SP0NZ

    Plane VP SideWinder 1.0

    VP SideWinder Sponsored by Venom Power Designed By: Dan Sponholz Plans By: Dan Sponholz Skins By: Stephen Rosema Description: Power Pack Compatibility: Power Pack C Specs: Wingspan: Center of Gravity: Control Surface Throws: Expo Suggestions: Free Plans: Click the Download...
  5. Innaviation

    Flying Bloody Wonder with 10in Prop

    I have been flying a Bloody Wonder with a C pack motor and esc as well as a 8 in prop. I recently had a rough landing and broke my last 8 in prop. All I have left is 10 in props so I was wondering if anyone has flown a Bloody Wonder with a 10 in prop and hasn't had prop torque or any other issues?
  6. flitetest

    Plane FT Edge 1.0

    FT Edge Description: The Flite Test Edge is based on the Zivko Edge 540 V3, which is a great aerobatic plane and also a very popular choice for pilots competing in the Red Bull Air Races. The FT Edge captures the crips lines of the real Edge while offering a wide flight envelope capable of...
  7. landedit

    Plastic caps for engines.

    Hello all! I was searching for plastic nose caps for the C pack engine. Where do you buy yours? Or what size you do you for when you buy them?