1. P

    Spitfire canopy article enters the Bermuda triangle

    About seven or eight years ago I posted an article on making a canopy for the Spitfire (easily adapted to other models). It was well received and when I was on flight line duty at Flite Fest in 2015 I met someone who had used the techinque. Mike Robey referred to the article when he posted his...
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    DIY Spitfire canopy
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    DIY Spitfire canopy
  4. thecockpitcrooner

    New Guy! - Question About Canopy/Cockpits - Hotwire

    First post! I've decided to take the plunge into RC airplanes, largely out of an interest in recreating some of the airplanes I work with. I work in the Aviation sector of the NC Forest Service fighting fires. Our planes include an AT-802, AT-802A, Cessna 182s, and a Cessna U206C. I'm in the...
  5. C

    Canopy Attachment Tip On Sea Otter

    Im looking for ideas on how you guys may have attached your canopys for the Sea Otter. Im just using a rubber band around the canopy and bottom of the plane atm... sligtly irritated at how Peter just pushes it off in the build video. Not everybody cares to just "CoRrOsIoNx" everything...
  6. TestMaster

    Best way to make a bubble canopy?

    I've been trying a couple methods to find the nicest possible bubble canopy on my spit, but I just can't find the right results. I was wondering if anyone out there knows how to make a simple but aesthetically pleasing bubble canopy on a plane.