Spitfire canopy article enters the Bermuda triangle


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About seven or eight years ago I posted an article on making a canopy for the Spitfire (easily adapted to other models).

It was well received and when I was on flight line duty at Flite Fest in 2015 I met someone who had used the techinque.

Mike Robey referred to the article when he posted his Hurricane build.

But the article has disappeared. Other stuff that I've posted is still there, but my link to my page brings up a page by WConway216, not my article.

Now I wouldn't be too upset by this normally, but I've recentl;y been contacted by someone who wants to see the article, having been prompted by Mike's page. I thought it would be easy to find the link and send it, but obviously that's not possible now.

Does anyone know what would have happened to the article and whether it is retrievable?