1. L Edge

    Different Types of Canards

    Almost anything will fly, so I decided to build the LARGEST CANARD that would fit in my Scion. I calculated the CG, but it was trial and error for awhile. It totally flops around in the sky as well as can do a loop(needs to fly into the wind). Still sits in the boneyard after all the years...
  2. Matthewdupreez

    Help! Converting Rc Racing Car From Brushed To Brushless.......

    hi guys.. i have an old(ish) dirt/track racing car (rc) that i'm looking to "superpower" i've seen a couple of you guys do conversions on your cars, and i'm just wondering which motor set would be the best to use?? what to look for and any warnings/tips... here are some sets ive found so...
  3. AircPirateNinsei


    When I saw this buggy and its price, I just had to buy it! To increase the fun even more, I ordered and glued in an FPV AIO camera. I sealed everything with hotglue. For the power supply I connected a 1s lipo. The buggy runs on 2s and I already ordered a voltage reducer so that I can...
  4. gustyk

    RC anyone? So let's see modelers...

    Way cool to see... may be this is my next RC project
  5. D

    Chasing RC Cars with a Dji P2V+

  6. D

    Ford GT Super Car Aerial Film: Dji Phantom 2

    I had the incredible opportunity to film and go for a ride in our friends Ford GT! Please like and comment!!
  7. R

    RC car or trailer plane launcher

    This is something I thought about doing, but school has started again :( I would really like to see someone build a RC car or a RC car trailer that has a launcher. Like a slingshot or crossbow for launching remotely. Just drive the trailer or car out to the field, push a button and watch it...
  8. JimCR120

    The Maverick-A flying car by Steve Saint and I-TEC.

    The man is Steve Saint and the car is the Maverick. The only thing more tremendous than the flying car is the man and his mission.