carbon cub

  1. countbob

    N00b Intro - Carbon Cub S2/DX8E

    Hi all, Have been flying with a Sport Cub S, then upgraded to the UMX Turbo Timber, and then decided it was time to try something bigger. Am trying to get the Carbon Cub S2 working with my DX8E controller, and I can't seem to get both flaps working AND have SAFE selection work. Anybody have a...
  2. S

    What kind of tape is this?

    Hello All, Hobby Zone Carbon Cub S2, crashed it, and am now putting it back together. The aileron servos are in a recess, and held in by a sort of stiffish tape that is very sticky. Any opinions on what type of tape this is? Does it matter? If it were you, what would you use? It has to stick...
  3. Taildragger

    Plane Mighty Mini NX Cub 1.0

    CubCrafters new NX Cub brings you great flying qualities of any cub, with the excellent ground handling of a Tricycle landing gear. This Mini version is a wonderful 30" trainer that is a little more advanced in build but has (hopefully) amazing flying tendencies. Keeping it simple with a...
  4. Codyprice0295

    Brag about your RC!

    New to RC or sUAS. Open Forum or introductions who are you? what plane do you fly? When did you start? War stories? Helpful info?
  5. N

    Carbon Cub GPS Problems

    I need help. I am new to flying planes. I am having a terrible time, problem with the Carbon Cub S+. I am on my 2nd one in 3 weeks and keep having trouble with the gps and loosing communication with the air plane. I flew yesterday and had 3 really great flights with no problems at all. Range...
  6. Grover54

    Carbon Z Cub - Wanted!

    My Carbon Z went to "Z" heaven a few weeks ago and I'd really like to replace it but as you Carbon "Z" pilots know it's been discontinued :( Regardless, I'd really like to find one so if anyone out the has one in good condition and you want to sell it please let me know. The only caveat is...
  7. J

    Engine Problem Diagnosis UMX Carbon Cub

    Hey all. I have a used carbon cub SS that I bought online for cheap. I replaced an elevator micro servo and found out the original motor wasnt working. I replaced the original motor with a newer 2500 kv motor that is now on the MK2's. I noticed that sometimes in flight the motor will cut out for...
  8. J

    UMX Eflite Carbon Cub SS Build from Parts?

    Hey all! Getting into this float plane theme... (I have an upgraded brushless Super Cub that I love), I saw the UMX Carbon Cub was equip-able with floats. It looks like a neat plane, but at $170... that's a lot for a something half the size of even the cub. I noticed online that you can buy...