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carbon cub

  1. J

    Engine Problem Diagnosis UMX Carbon Cub

    Hey all. I have a used carbon cub SS that I bought online for cheap. I replaced an elevator micro servo and found out the original motor wasnt working. I replaced the original motor with a newer 2500 kv motor that is now on the MK2's. I noticed that sometimes in flight the motor will cut out for...
  2. J

    UMX Eflite Carbon Cub SS Build from Parts?

    Hey all! Getting into this float plane theme... (I have an upgraded brushless Super Cub that I love), I saw the UMX Carbon Cub was equip-able with floats. It looks like a neat plane, but at $170... that's a lot for a something half the size of even the cub. I noticed online that you can buy...