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  1. B

    How to charge a 2S battery

    Hi! I recently bought an E-flite UMX cub that uses a 2s battery (article number) EFLB2802S30. I am new to the hobby and not familiar with all the different connections. At first, the connection to the battery looked like the balance connector, but it doesnt fit in a balance connector (called...
  2. T

    Newbie Q: LiPo Charging/Discharging

    Hey FT! I've found myself playing the charge/discharge dance with my batteries recently. I'll charge a battery the night before on a forecast of low winds hoping I can fly after work. Without fail, I'll get home to 10+mph winds with gusts. Instead of discharging my batteries by flying, I'm...
  3. FlyingMaddLadd

    Help Balancing My Li-po?? :D

    Hey guys i Have 3 lipo batteries and a good balance charger, 2 of my batteries are 1000mah 3s 20c and my other 1 is a 3s 850mah and i want to use the balance charge on it so is there any dangers on this or anything i need to know about balancing as i am only new to Rc and anything else i need...
  4. Webcrowd

    Advice and info for a Noob required please

    HI everyone, I was wanting to get some information on Lipo and charge levels please. I am a total noob to the electric side of things, and only just returning to the hobby after 20 years absence. So if any one would care to share their wisdom, that would be much appreciated. I have been trolling...