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How to charge a 2S battery

Hi! I recently bought an E-flite UMX cub that uses a 2s battery (article number) EFLB2802S30. I am new to the hobby and not familiar with all the different connections. At first, the connection to the battery looked like the balance connector, but it doesnt fit in a balance connector (called JST-XH right?). I think this battery connection is called jst-ph.

1. Assuming I buy some type of converter JST-PH > JST-XH, can I charge this battery by connecting it ONLY to the balance port of my charger? There is no +/- main cable on the battery, so I cant see how I can connect it like I would connect a 3S battery that has main connection and balance connection.
2. I have looked through the manual of my charger (an SkyRC S60) but I cant find any information on "charge only through balance connection". Is this advisable?
3. Maybe there is some kind of split cable, that will split the three cables of my battery into mains and balance connection like a "normal battery", but it seems like this is not neccessary, am I right?

Please help me out, here, what do I need to buy to be able to charge the battery? Will a simple JST-PH female to JST-XH-male suffice?


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Yep, what ViperTech said.

HH also sells a specific charger for these batteries but it is expense. I keep two of those adapters around. One with tape on the banana clips for checking voltage.