1. OGnapkin

    How to charge lipo's at the field

    I have been trying to find a solution to charging my lipos at the field in a quick amount of time. i have used an old 12v lead acid battery but it took almost 3 hours to charge a 4s 3000mah battery. I need something that is fast and will charge many batteries. I was looking at a few options...
  2. landedit

    Battery bad after crash?

    Hello all, I just came across a situation where a friend had a crash landing with a FT Wonder. After crashing he realized his battery was no longer working and the front corner, where all the cables come out, are bent up a bit. It is a turnigy 2200 3s lipo. It no longer reports on a working...
  3. Bando FPV

    Parallel charging with b6 Pro! Help!!!

    Hello my name is Bando and I'm in need of some serious help!!! I recently bought the Imax B6 Pro from Flite Test: I want to charge new graphene 1300mah 65c 4s...
  4. J

    How fast can I charge these batteries? (NIMH)

    I have 2 NIMH batteries, a 2000Mah and a 3800Mah, and I've been charging them at 2 amps because I wasn't sure how to charge them. They are redcat racing brand and do not have a 'c' rating for charging, only that they're 7.2V and the capacity. I am using a radient primal as a charger with...
  5. C

    Idea for Lipo charging station.

    Building my first Charging station! i only have a handful of Lipo batteries. But i wanted a metal box that i could run cable in and had a lip i could open and close easily! This is what i was thinking! I will...
  6. D


    My charger has options of charge AND balance charging. I know balance charging keeps the cells at nice, equal voltages, but is it a thing I should only use once in a while? Does it wear out the battery a bit faster?
  7. B

    battery charging problems and questions

    OK. So I'm a noob to this hobby. I got all my electronics to start some scratch build, and I built a nice FT slinger that I can't wait to get into the air.... But I accidentally left my battery plugged in and it ran way down... And I went to charge it it tells me that my voltage in my cell...
  8. E

    2 Straight up questions - What charger do you use and how do you store your batteries

    What charger do you use make and model? How do you store your batteries when charging and when not in use? :)
  9. T

    Understanding Batteries 101

    Complete Guide to Lithium Polymer Batteries and LiPo Failure Reports After seeing the many many posts on LiPoly's and answering similar questions time after time I've decided to put up a guide for using LiPoly batteries. Lithium batteries are the preferred power sources for most electric...