Battery bad after crash?


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Hello all, I just came across a situation where a friend had a crash landing with a FT Wonder. After crashing he realized his battery was no longer working and the front corner, where all the cables come out, are bent up a bit. It is a turnigy 2200 3s lipo. It no longer reports on a working voltage checker.

I was curious what the problem would be, I wanted to try charging it but am a little nervous. Could it have shorted out?

Any input or ideas on how to work with it would be great!

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LiPo's are inherently more dangerous than many other batteries. They have been known to burst into flames hence the need for LiPo safe bags. To minimize danger and maximize LiPo life most if not all LiPo chargers will only perform a charge cycle if they detect proper cell voltage. If a cell drops below that voltage the LiPo pack will not be charged.

That said, you will find ways to trick charges and possibly "rescue" a LiPo but sidestepping safety measures put in place increase risk of fire. Be warned and decide wisely.


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I'm currently in the process of rescuing a completely flat lipo. I am ok with the risks if I can save him from buying another battery. Would you recommend a NiCd charge to get the voltage up a bit?