Parallel charging with b6 Pro! Help!!!

Bando FPV

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Hello my name is Bando and I'm in need of some serious help!!!

I recently bought the Imax B6 Pro from Flite Test:

I want to charge new graphene 1300mah 65c 4s:

Me, being the impatient beginner:mad:, is very impatient waiting for every single battery to charge. But, I recently found out that you can parallel your batteries!:eek: Only thing is I'm not sure if my charger will work with parallel charging. The charger is only a 50watt charger, and you can only charge at 5amps. I would like to charge 6 batteries at a time using this:

Is my charger capable for doing so? If so how many batteries can I charge at a time and how many amps can I charge at?

Please some one help!!! I just got in the hobby and is very stressed out.:confused:

Thank you!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:


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Yes, you can. But only at a total of 50w. It won't really save you much time though. And parallel charging, while a neat trick, depends on all your batteries being closely matched.

Bando FPV

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How many 1300mah 65c 4s batteries can I charge at a time?

And how many amps can charge them without burnnig down my house?

I'm very confused.:confused: