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  1. smithhayward

    FT Storch - Motor & Prop Choice

    So I'm nearing the completion of the FT Storch build (applause...) So, I was testing my electronics and I nearly killed my Leopard Hobby LC2826-12T 1380kv with a 9x6 prop. Got it all the way up to 25A (max for motor is 18) and I smelled something so I shutdown immediately. Seems like I saved...
  2. C

    Aircraft to use in university project

    Hey everyone! I'm just at the beginning of a university project where we're going to be testing some equipment on the ground, measured from a UAV. We're still not sure what platform to use, so I'm now investigating the possibility of using a fix-wing (instead of multirotor). Anyway, I would...
  3. S

    Building some quadcopters, confused about motors

    Hello, i'm new to quadcopters and while i've read a lot and watched a lot of videos i don't have the experience of different combinations to get what i want first time so i was wondering if you guys could give me some advice :) I'm in my final year of electronic engineering and i'm building an...