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Aircraft to use in university project


Junior Member
Hey everyone!

I'm just at the beginning of a university project where we're going to be testing some equipment on the ground, measured from a UAV. We're still not sure what platform to use, so I'm now investigating the possibility of using a fix-wing (instead of multirotor).

Anyway, I would like your opinion on which specific models to look closer at. Our mission payload is going to be approx. 300 grams, might be more. We will be modifying and removing the equipment occasionally, so we need semi-easy access to it. The testing will be done in September in northern Sweden, so there is a good chance we will be encountering strong winds, dampness, light rain etc. And none of us are experts at RC flying (I've dabbled). So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I need a model that can take the weight, and handle a bit of roughness and that isn't too hard to fly.

I appreciate any recommendations you guys can give me, or any thoughts you might have. I know you guys are a gold-well of information! Thanks :)
Any one of the bixlers would be great! K-state university uses them for a lot of beginner projects because of their cheapness, durability, and payload.