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chuck glider

  1. B

    Plane Cyclone chuck glider 2022-07-12

    Balances with a quarter 5/8" dihedral on each wing tip 1 3/8" dihedral for tail reinforce nose and front of wings with tape
  2. B

    Plane Schweizer 1-29 chuck glider 1

    based off balsa wood plans balances with 3 nickels and 2 pennies 1 1/4 in dihedral on each tip reinforce nose and front of wings with tape
  3. dylandrego

    Widgeon Chuck Glider

    Latest creation… anyone else wanna see a Widgeon Chuck Glider fly on an EZ power pack? Plans below
  4. dylandrego

    Antonov 225 Chuck Glider (GiGAntonov)

    I call it the GiGAntonov! Designed and built for my dad who recently discovered chuck gliders after I built them for my boys. His favorite plane is the Antonov 225. Sadly my father never got a chance to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot and growing up we traveled so much that he never got...
  5. GrizWiz

    Plane EZ F-14 Tomcat Chuck Glider V1

    This Chuck Glider is Super Fun and Easy to Build! You have a Choice of Swept Forward or Swept Back Wings! Each Way has Different Flight Characteristics and You will Need to Balance It differently for Each Way!
  6. T

    Chuck gliders?

    Alright, so Im 14 and am in boy scouts. I am working with my dad to teach the Aviation merit badge. For this we need to build a plane/glider. I was wondering if anyone could point me to some kind of design or something with plans. For budget reasons it needs to be half a sheet of foam board or...